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Holt Kids Spy Training missions are run for 45 minutes.  Bookings must be made via this website. Click on the event for your school to register your child.

It takes a lot of training to be become a Holt Kids Spy. Missions are constantly varied with each mission having a different focus. Missions 1 to 5 (the 00 series) may be viewed on YouTube, click here to see them. They involve different types of equipment and develop skills such as teamwork, communication, self defence, spatial awareness and  balance. Kids will develop their strength, speed and stamina utilising core strength workouts.

Kids progress to become super spies.  After 5 missions they are graded and have to perform certain tasks.  These will include Nerf Target shooting, completing an obstacle course in a certain time, push ups, sit ups, skipping and activities based around agility & balance and their ability to recall basic self defence techniques.

Equipment used during the missions will include (please note not all the listed equipment will be used in every session):

target TRX training systems

target Medicine balls

target Swiss balls

target Inflatable obstacles

target Laser tag

target Custom built obstacle courses

target Foam pit

target Nerf guns


Those kids who enrol in the 5 mission package will also receive Holt Bolt sunglasses (limit 1 per child).


Holt Kids Spy Training is designed to encourage physical activity by providing a unique and non competitive environment in which children interact without fear of judgement. While all activities performed are physical in nature, the focus is on having fun and developing their “spy” skills.

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